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Sex and Intimacy After Amputation: Building Trust as a Couple in the Bedroom

by Sportsheets Blogger December 14, 2017

Like any disability or lasting change to our body, amputation and limb loss can lead to honest doubts and uncertaintiesThose concerns range from the small to the significant, and extend to every corner of life. It’s natural to wonder about the effect on sex and intimate partnerships. While limb loss and amputation may require adaptations and modifications to your intimacy, it should not diminish the quality, vibrancy, and satisfaction of your sex life.

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Plus-Size Sex Tips: The Best Toys to Enhance Your Intimacy and Pleasure

by Sportsheets Blogger December 12, 2017

Sex is for everyone. The physical pleasure and intimacy that comes from our tightest bonds is one of the great gifts of being human, and we celebrate all body types. That includes plus size, a significant segment of our population, but one to whom sex advertising seems to avoid.

Well, we reject that. While there can be certain considerations to account for with plus-sized sex, they can be easily handled with patience, understanding, a sense of humor and adventure, and the right equipment.

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Best Sex Positions (and Toys) for Back Pain or Injury

by Sportsheets Blogger December 07, 2017

Back injuries and pain shouldn’t preclude you and your partner from an expansive, fulfilling sex life. Open communication, careful positioning, and the right toy will make sex after a back injury more possible, and open the door to even greater experimentation down the road.   

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Do I Need Lube? Why Personal Lubricant Belongs on Every Nightstand

by Sportsheets Blogger December 05, 2017

There is a list of things about sex that people should never need to apologize about. You should never apologize for not living up to some airbrushed body standard. You should never apologize for the wonderfully weird things our bodies do. You should never apologize for size. And you should never, ever apologize for needing or wanting to use lube.

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