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Debunking Myths about Sexuality and Disability

by Sportsheets Blogger February 20, 2018

To many people, there are few topics which seem more uncomfortable and personal than sexuality and disability. Conversations about bodies can make people uneasy, because our bodies are so often and intimately tied to our identities. And when the topic transitions to sex or disability—or both—lots of people simply avoid them out of politeness, discomfort, or a lack of vocabulary (or, let’s be real, all three). That silence may be politely well-intentioned, but it leaves most disabled people feeling that their sexuality is elided and ignored in the wider world. Myths and misunderstandings about disability and sex abound, and here we will try to tackle and demystify a few.

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Making Your Second Sex Toy Purchase: What to Buy After Your First Vibrator

by Sportsheets Blogger February 15, 2018

You never forget your first time, but most people don’t remember their second. And this isn’t just about sex (although, really, it’s mostly about sex). You probably don’t remember your second day at a job, second car, second date...

Unless something spectacular happens at one of them (like if the second date is the first time), your second everything is usually the first step toward forgetfulness. It’s where things start to blend in. That’s just human nature.

We’re happy to report, though, that sex toys are the exception to the rule.

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Marriage Bed Tips: 6 Best Toys to Spice Up Sex for Married Couples

by Sportsheets Blogger February 13, 2018

Even without kids, it can be hard for married couples sometimes to break the routine and try something new in bed. Not everyone is going to check into a sex dungeon for the weekend, or turn their apartment into a Den of Erotic Mysteries. But the alternative to that isn’t another night of bickering about what to watch on Netflix.

Married couples want to break the routine and begin to experiment, without having to rearrange their lives. Routine breaking can be easily done, sparking passion, making every day a little better, and maybe leading to more adventures together in the bedroom.

You don’t need a dungeon. You just need these six best toys to spice up sex for married couples.  

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Best Sex Toys for Erectile Dysfunction: Enjoying Sex & Intimacy with ED

by Sportsheets Blogger February 08, 2018

Even though it has become a more commonplace topic than in the past, talking about erectile dysfunction is undeniably difficult. Living with it? Even more so. Many guys, understandably, feel that some portion of their masculinity is tied to their sexual performance. And so experiencing difficulty with erections can turn into both a physical and mental struggle. But listen: You might feel that your masculinity is tied to your erection, but it isn’t. Erectile dysfunction does not lessen you as a man or mean that you have failed your partner.

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