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Sportsheets International, Inc. has been Keeping Couples Connected® since 1993.

The company’s every-growing line of fantasy products have spiced up the sex lives of countless men, women and couples around the world. Known for quality, creativity and competitive pricing, Sportsheets has become a trusted friend and confidant to a growing community of sexually curious adults from every walk of life.



by Bold Apps October 11, 2017




If you’re not on a strict ancient Greco-Roman diet, then your options for personal lube go beyond saliva and olive oil. Water-based, oil-based, silicone-based, lube to get yourself just wet enough, lube for next-level hand jobs and blowjobs, even lubes for those nights you’re in the mood to really push your boundaries.

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6 Things That'll Take Shower Sex from Awkward to Super-Sexy

by Bold Apps October 06, 2017

Taking sex off the bed and into new and fun places is an easy way to turn up the heat between you and your partner. You could try the floor, the car, the kitchen table, but one very popular place for sex is in the shower, and for good reason: you're already naked and touching your body, so why not add a partner to the mix? Plus there's hot steam, slippery soap suds melting along your body .... mmmm .... well, you get the idea.

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Sharing is Caring: Vibrators for Couples

by Bold Apps September 22, 2017

If your partner is new to or unsure about using a vibrator, start by using it on him/her outside of clothing or underwear. Play round, enjoy the journey. Move it around the body — thighs, stomach, arms, face before working your way slowly - teasingly -  towards their genitals.

If you’re also a little new to this too then ask for the same treatment in return.

Starting with simple moves like this helps both of you build confidence in your ability to please your partner — and it gets you comfortable with the idea of bringing this exciting toy into your love life.

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Sporsheets sex toys spotted in Shahs of Sunset episode

by Bold Apps September 22, 2017

We love seeing Sportsheets popup on our TV screens this week during an episode of Bravo's Shahs of Sunset

In the episode, GG visits Pleasure Chest — one of our favorite retail partners — in West Hollywood for a tutorial on fellatio. It's an eye-opening (not to mention mouth-opening) experience for her. While she was there, she couldn't help checking out Pleasure Chest's wide array of sex toys, including some of our favorite Sportsheets pieces. 

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