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9 Exciting Sex Positions For Couples Trying New Things in the Bedroom

by Sportsheets Blogger January 16, 2018

When it comes to breaking the barriers of boredom in the bedroom, different people try different things. You can get a sex toy kit to enhance date night. You can pick up a book like the Kama Sutra to find new and exciting positions. You can invite someone else into your bedroom, or, you know, a few other people.

Or you can try one of these nine exciting sex positions.

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Paraplegic Sex: Tips and Toys to Increase Intimacy and Pleasure

by Sportsheets Blogger January 04, 2018

Almost anyone who has experienced any degree of paralysis can tell you that friends often share questions about your disability once they feel close enough to ask. And when the braver friends have exhausted their polite questions—Do you feel any pain?—they sometimes get down to the questions they’ve wanted to ask, but propriety prevented them: Can you still have sex? Do you enjoy it?

The short answer? Yes, and yes.

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Ways to Be Intimate: Bringing Vulnerability into the Bedroom

by Sportsheets Blogger January 02, 2018

Letting yourself be vulnerable in the most intimate possible setting, when you open your body to another person, is one of the most moving and bonding things you can do. Vulnerability in the bedroom is a gateway to true, deep intimacy. It allows you to know the other person, to know yourself, and to join together in ways you never thought possible.

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Buying Adult Products Online: What to Look for When Choosing Your First Sex Toy

by Sportsheets Blogger December 21, 2017

Everyone has a first time for buying an adult toy, whether you are 18 or 80. And, despite things changing, and the ease that online shopping brings to the process, it remains the same for everyone: you have to find what makes you happy.

But if you’ve never bought adult products before, you may not know the best ways of doing it, and may feel embarrassed about that, as well as nervous about buying them. Don’t be.

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