Sex With Emily


Hi Lover!

What’s so hot about handcuffs? Picture this – you get home from work, your partner greets you at the door holding – or maybe even wearing - a pair of cuffs. Instant turn on, right?

Beyond the excitement that comes from the mere suggestion of using cuffs, restraint play can drive intimacy through the roof!

Sportsheets are the undisputed experts in this arena, and hands-down (or hands tied?), the Midnight Collection has my absolute favorite products.

From the super comfortable Lace Cuffs (the ones I’m wearing in the picture below), to their collar and leash, the Midnight Collection has something fun for you to try tonight. So, grab your cuffs and drive your partner wild. Throw in a little sensation play (see the video below for more on that…) and they won’t know what hit them!


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