Sex With Emily


Hi Lover!

So, my new house has this huge shower.  It’s got steam, lights, music, multiple showerheads – but it wasn’t “me.”  Then, my friends here at Sporthseets sent over a little housewarming gift – the new Sex in the Shower products.

The Sex in the Shower collection eliminates all the slipping and crashing with suction mount handles, footrests, and restraints.  Just stick the handles to the wall for the perfect balance in any position.

When I called over here to say thank you, they had one more surprise for me – they created a Sex in the Shower bundle in my honor!  It has a large handle, a footrest, and my favorite – the vibrating mesh sponge, all packaged together at a special price.

Now, your shower can look like mine!  Well, maybe you shouldn’t go as crazy as I did – mine kind of looks like a climbing gym now, but that’s not important.

To get yours, just click here.

Check out this video of Julie Stewart, President of Sportsheets and me talking about the new Sex In The Shower products.






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To order the Sex (with Emily) in the Shower Starter Kit, click the image.









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