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Hi Lover!

You know what’s better than hot, sweaty summer sex?  Jumping in the shower together and continuing the fun as you clean up.

I know what you’re thinking - shower sex sounds good in theory, but you need the balance of an olympic gymnast to get the job done.  WRONG!  My friends at Sportsheets have SOLVED EVERYTHING with their Sex in the Shower Collection.

I’m obsessed! It all starts with their suction-mount handles, foot rests, and restraints.  Just suction them to your shower wall and hang on.  No more acrobatics, no more crashing to the floor.  

While you’re in there, grab Sportsheets' Waterproof Mini Massager, or my absolute fave - the Vibrating Mesh Sponge. Yep, it’s like your normal loofah but it has a vibrator tucked into it. Can you say GENIUS?

To see all of this and more, check out the Sex in the Shower line by CLICKING HERE or on the photo below.


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To see the full Sex in the Shower Collection, click on the pic below.









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