10 Ways to Heat Up Your Bedroom This Winter

by Bold Apps November 10, 2017

10 Ways to Heat Up Your Bedroom This Winter

At Sporthsheets, we believe sex is one of the great wonders of life! With hundreds of different sexual positions to try, an inexhaustible amount of role-plays and places to have sex, and a seemingly endless amount of fun sex toys available, there is no reason why sex should ever become boring.

The main reason we come to find sex boring is that the excitement and enthusiasm that we feel when we are with a person for the first time never lasts. Over time, we grow familiar with that person and begin to take things a little too much for granted. This leads to a dimming of the candle, so to speak, where both parties begin to feel that the sex has become boring.

While it is true that continuing to ‘do it like rabbits’ is not sustainable as time goes by, there are a number of things that couples can do to keep the flame burning brightly and to make sure that they continue to have good sex for many years to come.  

Here is our ‘must try’ list of things to do in bed:

1. Grab the Karma Sutra and start working your way through

    The Karma Sutra is now famous the world over as a book that contains just about every sexual position possible. Though this amazing book is actually a guide to romance in general and not just sexual positions, it is certainly handy when it comes to spicing things up in the bedroom that’s for sure.

    Have you ever tried Tiger Crouching where the man sits with his legs out while the woman sits on top facing the same way and controls the action? What about the Spider’s Web or the Cliffhanger, which is said to be extremely pleasing for women? No? Well, its time you tried!

    2. Sex games

    Games are a great way to pack the excitement back into sex, and the good news is that there are literally thousands of them out there to try. Perhaps the most famous is strip poker, where players are forced to take off an item of clothing for every hand they lose. Try the Sex&Mischeif playing cards for good clean fun and some card game ideas.  It is really fun and definitely ratchets up the energy, that’s for certain. Other great sex games include Truth or Dare, body painting, and even Sexopoly!  

    3. Get a little kinky!

    Mild kinky sex is one of the best ways there is to spice things up in the bedroom. The release of a number of Hollywood films that featured some form of kinky sex has really made performing it much more acceptable to the general public. Kinky sex really helps to bring back some of that long-lost excitement. The question is, how far do you want to go?

    There are loads of things you and your partner can do to get a little kinky. You can do everything from mild bondage using our Sports Cuffs & Tethers Kit to a little whipping with the naughty Edge Spike Flogger. For those who want to go a little deeper, there is the Sportsheets Plus Size Beginner's Black Strap-On, with which pleasure is definitely guaranteed.

    4. Ice cream or whipped cream?

    For those of you who don’t mind doing a little extra laundry, spreading around some ice cream and seeing if you can lick it all off before it melts is a really pleasurable way to enjoy the stuff. This is a great activity to combine with a blindfold and some handcuffs like those in the Crimson Love Collection.   

    5. Massage

    An oil massage is a great way to heat things up a little. Not only will it relax your partner, but is a great chance for you to get to know their body more intimately. When the time is right and you want turn up the temperature, there are places on both men and women that can cause extreme excitement if massaged just right.  Try the Lickable Warming Lube from Sportsheets for some added heat.

    6. Lap dance

    Turn the lights down low, put on a sexy outfit, and give your partner a really good lapdance. Lots of people think that only women are allowed to do lapdances. These days, more and more clubs feature male lapdancers who will happily give customers a really great lapdance. A great lapdancing tip, just keep the music sexy and take it nice and slow.

    7. Oral Sex

    Oral sex works as well for a man as it does a woman. For both sexes, it ranks as one of the most common answers when asked about a person’s top turn-ons. Made even more fun by using ice cream or melted chocolate, oral sex is a must try thing to do in bed.

    8. Try out a sex sling

    Sex slings are increasingly becoming an essential sex accessory for any self-respecting adventurous couple. Many slings can be used in the bedroom without the need to add hanging hooks, just like the Door Jam Sex Sling, which hooks over the top of the bedroom door without the need to be permanently fastened.  It travels in case you want to take it on a weekend getaway. Try it out! You will be amazed at how much fun a good sex sling can be.

    9. Anal

    Though certainly not to everyone’s taste, anal is nonetheless a type of sex that many men and women find extremely exciting. There are loads of great anal toys available like the,Anal Explorer Kit,  Black Silicone Anal Beads, and Midnight Silicone Bunny Butt Plugs.  When trying anal for the first time, be sure to take it slow and remember to always use good quality lubrication.

    10. Vibrators

    Should you find yourself alone this evening, but still in need of fun, your savoir comes in the form of the " Midnight Lavender and Violet G Spot specific vibrators. It feels great and in no time will have you singing your pleasure to the heavens. The Vibrating Mesh Sponge which can be left in the shower for whenever you want to use it.  No one will know there is a powerful bullet vibrator hidden in there. There are also a plethora of choices in vibrating strap-on’s.  

    Which one will you try first?


    Bold Apps
    Bold Apps


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